Virtual Visits

A number of the authors represented by Dayton Bookings have begun to do virtual online visits as well as in-person visits.  Online chats can offer options to more remote schools where the costs associated with an in-person visit might be prohibitive.  Virtual visits tend to be more conversational so please be sure that students/staff are prepared with questions for the author.

Authors will be happy to sign bookplates either ahead of time or after the chat, so students will still have the option to purchase signed books.

Just as with in-person visits, planning and preparation are very important.  Please let us know what kind of computer set-up you have so that we can prepare appropriately.  We normally arrange for a trial run prior to the actual visit so that everything will go smoothly.


For more information about virtual visits, please take a moment to read this article from School Library Journal:
You Are There: No budget for travel? Try video chat.

For directions about how to set up SKYPE, please click here: How to call someone on video with Skype


Derek Anderson
  $300 Daniel Kirk   $300
Bob Barner


Twesigye Jackson Kaguri   $250
Chris Barton


Steve Kluger   $300
Phil Bildner   $300 Uma Krishnaswami   $300
Paulette Bogan   $200 Jana Laiz   $300
Mary Casanova   $500 Loren Long   $750
Marsha Wilson Chall   $300 Elsa Marston   $300
Mike Graf   $250 Graham Salisbury   $500
Lisa Graff   $250 Todd Strasser   $250
Melanie Hope Greenberg   $300 Adam Watkins   $200
Pete Hautman   $200 Rosemary Wells   $500
Will Hillenbrand   $400 Dan Yaccarino   $500
Lynne Jonell   $300 Jenny Ziegler   $350

To request booking information, fees, or availability for any of our authors, either fill out and submit the following form or call Dayton Bookings at (812) 824-5017.

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